Exhibitor list 2021

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Vyatskaya Coal Company

The company produces activated charcoal under the Bereznyak brand. Thanks to a special technology, pores of different sizes are formed in it, which allows it to absorb more than 60 units of harmful substances. The more pores in the coal (the pore surface area of one gram of activated carbon is up to 2000 m2), the better its activity - Bereznyak has an iodine activity of 62-65%, which corresponds to GOST, where this indicator is 60-70%.
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The company was the first in Russia to start producing amylopectin starch and took a leading position in the production of food modified starch.
The starch plant was launched in 2002 in the Stavropol Territory. Today modified starches "ND-Technic" are used in food, construction, petrochemical, foundry and other industries in Russia and foreign countries.
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Orion product

The company has been representing well-known foreign manufacturing companies for more than 25 years: Argana, Sudstarke, ADM, Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., KMC, Qinhuangdao Lihua Starch Co., which have many years of experience, established traditions, proven and constantly improving technology, guaranteed quality control. The products are intended for all sectors of the national economy: food industry, catering, medical and biotechnical industry, oil industry, paper industry, textile, construction industry, foundry, cosmetics industry, drinking water treatment, laundry services and many other industries.
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The Robios production facility is a full-cycle facility specially designed and built for the extraction of Dihydroquercetin and Arabinogalactan. It was built in accordance with all the requirements of the GMP standard. Dihydroquercetin is one of the most powerful antioxidants, 100% natural and obtained from Daurian larch.
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J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE Group is dedicated to the research, development and processing of high quality, functional organic fibers from renewable plant materials. JRS functional products are used in virtually all industries.
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The company is one of the world's largest suppliers of fragrances, fragrances, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials and functional ingredients, as well as various nutritional solutions. Today, the company ranks 4th in the F&F market with a share of 11% (data for 2013). Symrise has a broad product line of approximately 30,000 items. Most of the products are made from natural raw materials such as vanilla, citrus fruits, flowers, plants or animals.
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CPR Chemical

For more than 5 years the company has been successfully selling chemical reagents to all regions of the Russian Federation at the most affordable prices. In the company's catalog you will find all types of products offered, the sale of chemical reagents is carried out both wholesale and retail. CPR Chemical guarantees the quality of the assortment, since only chemical reagents that have passed registration and mandatory certification go on sale.
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Touch Flora

Since 2002, the company has been the exclusive representative in Russia of the well-known firms Desert Whale Jojoba Co (USA), Joh. Vogele KG (Germany), Nikko Chemicals Co (Japan). It supplies natural raw materials, special high-tech components and intermediates for domestic manufacturers of cosmetics.
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Unitechprom BSU

Educational-scientific-production republican unitary enterprise UNITECHPROM was founded on September 30, 1999 by the order of the BSU rector for the implementation of scientific developments of BSU scientists: «from a scientific idea to the organization of production and release of innovative products». Areas of activity and products of the enterprise: industrial production and wholesale of pharmaceutical substances and original anti-tumor drugs, development and production of ingredients for the food industry, development and production of computer-oriented measuring systems and much more.
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Pharma 2030

The company is engaged in scientific medical research, the development of modern methods for the early diagnosis of diseases, the prevention of diseases and the formation of adherence to healthy lifestyles.
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CHIMMED is the official distributor of the world's largest manufacturers of reagents and laboratory equipment: Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, Acros Organics, Scharlau, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Roth, IKA, Honeywell, Mettler Toledo, A&D, Bio-Techne (R&D, Tocris, Novus biologicals), Macherey-Nagel, Liebherr, neoFroxx, Corning, Sartorius and others. CHIMMED also actively cooperates with many other Russian and foreign partners in the supply of chemicals, pharmaceutical substances, equipment, and consumables.
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The company produces CO2 extracts extracted from plant materials for the cosmetic industry. Thanks to its own production, equipped with modern, high-precision machines and a friendly engineering and technical team, the company managed to develop and introduce into production a whole line of compact CO2 extractors. Successful layout solutions, in combination with the well-known fluid extraction technology, have made it possible to enter the market of high-tech equipment that satisfies the needs of a wide range of customers.
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