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Food Ingredients Business magazine is the only publication in Russia dedicated to various aspects of production and application of ingredients in the food industry. The magazine covers the ingredients market in the context of food technology applications.
Sfera Publishing House is a media organisation covering all aspects of the food industry. We organise turnkey events. Our goal is to provide information that has a positive impact on the quality of decision-making, which contributes to the development of the Russian food industry.
A publishing house that publishes journals in the food and processing industry: Food Industry and Beer and Beverages. The journals cover issues in the food and agribusiness sector: economics and production organisation, raw materials and additives, packaging and logistics, etc. is a professional bilingual website available in English and Traditional Chinese. It integrates information of equipment, manufactures and events about packaging machines, packaging materials, food processing machines, pharmaceutical equipment, plastic machinery and printing machines.
Editrice Zeus is an Italian publisher, focusing on technology, machinery and equipment for the food&beverage and the packaging industry, since 1981., the first web portal focused on technology, machinery, equipment and components for food, beverage and packaging industries. serves as your online hub for up-to-date and extensive food industry insights, events, updates, advance product developments, packaging industry and the latest in manufacturing technologies and equipment in the Middle East.
The FOOD & BEV CATALOGUE and are the print and online media that present food products "Made in Italy" and worldwide, on an international level. is the B2B platform for buyers, retailers, large-scale retail trade, HO.RE.CA.
Meat Expert® is an independent portal for professionals in the meat industry. "Meat Expert" community brings together leading meat processing specialists from various sectors. These are the people who shape the industry. "Meat Expert" is a space of genuine knowledge and ideas.
"Pharma RF" community was created in 2018 with the support of the "Doctors RF" community and is a closed social network for pharmaceutical industry professionals. Our goal: to create an information and discussion platform for the professional community of pharmaceutical industry representatives.
International Scientific Journal "Drug Development and Registration" is an up-to-date free quarterly applied publication and information portal for specialists involved in the field of drug circulation. The journal is indexed in the leading scientific databases.
The DairyNews is the largest Russian-language specialised media outlet for the global dairy industry. The DairyNews is an influential, authoritative and independent media outlet that publishes dozens of daily news items on the state of the global dairy industry. collects information in the field of production and sales of household chemicals, cosmetics and hygiene products used in the home. It informs both professionals in the field of household chemistry and hygiene products, as well as those who would like to learn more about household chemistry.
The portal is an Internet platform for specialists related to the dairy industry. The main service of the portal is an electronic catalogue of goods and services for dairy and other food industries. The Ingredients section presents different categories: starter cultures; food additives.
"INFARM" Pharmaceutical Portal is a specialist online publication and health information and service resource.
The FoodMit online exhibition is an information resource for finding new customers. The target audience is: owners of food companies, sales and sales staff.
foodsmi is a free information portal for food industry professionals with the latest news, relevant legislation and international standards. Effective foodsmi is designed to enhance the culture of food safety in the Russian Federation, highlighting food safety issues and challenges.
"Empire of Cold" and - industry, information and analytical magazine and portal. Topics include industrial and commercial refrigeration; ice cream, "freezing", raw materials and ingredients for their production.
"Polyclinic" is a magazine that touches on all contemporary issues of medicine and the development of modern medical technology. It is a professional magazine for managers and doctors of all specialities of health care institutions, enabling the exchange of experience between colleagues.
The information portal A popular Russian food market website. Publishes online news feeds, prices, statistics, reviews. Prices for main product items of food market. Price lists and noticeboard - an extensive stream of commercial offers.
"Zerno On-Line" is a news agency. One of the most visited websites on the Russian agricultural products market. Daily updated global and Russian prices. News, including author's news. Analytical reviews of Russian grain market. Data on export, rail transport, stocks, processing, etc.
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