About the Ingredients & Additives Forum

About the Forum
Ingredients and Additives Forum is a specialized expert platform for information and experience exchange, where in the format of panel discussions and thematic sessions discuss the prospects and vectors of development in the production and use of ingredients and additives in the food and cosmetics industry, in the production of dietary supplements and household chemical products.

The focus of the event is on trends, innovations and technologies that will be crucial for business development and the creation of in-demand, high-quality and safe products.

During the three days of the forum, industry experts will present their vision of how the industry will develop, including import substitution, as well as present the results of the analysis of consumer preferences and share information about the latest changes in regulatory and technical regulation.
• You will be able to get up-to-date information from experts and key market players.

• The format of panel discussions will allow you to exchange experience, discuss market development prospects, share real cases and get answers to questions from industry experts.

• Thematic sessions will provide an opportunity to learn about new developments, the use of ingredients and additives and the creation of in-demand, high-quality and safe products for the food industry, the production of dietary supplements and perfumes and cosmetics.

• You will get maximum useful information in one place in a short period of time - holding the conference on a specialized exhibition platform allows to correlate expert opinion, own experience and the real range of ingredients and additives presented by exhibitors.

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