How to choose a stand

Our company organises over 50 exhibitions annually in different cities of Russia with the participation of more than 2500 exhibitors. We advise our clients on the design and construction of stands on a daily basis. We have all the information about the possibilities of venues and the requirements for the construction of stands on them, about successful solutions in terms of design and decoration of stands.

Based on this knowledge and experience, we have developed our own line of stands for exhibitors. The presented sets of stands meet most of the requirements of the exhibitors; however, each of the options is subject to changes to meet customer needs.

Providing services for the development and construction of stands, we carry out all communications with the venues and provide architectural supervision, guarantee transparent and flexible pricing.

Study the catalog of exhibition stands from the organizer and contact the technical service manager to get a consultation. Consultation with our specialist will help to avoid mistakes when planning stand construction.
7 Peaks package
The «7 Peaks» package is a catalog in which you can choose one of 7 stand styles, differing both in appearance, filling and functional intent.

The advantage of choice: participation in the exhibition with an individual stand is much cheaper than if you order a so-called "exclusive" stand from a third-party builder. At the same time, 7 Peaks stands are located at the exhibition exposition in places with the best visitor traffic and surrounded by stands of a similar level of design.

The price of the «7 Peaks» package includes:
• exhibition space rental
• stand construction and power supply
• auxiliary room
• information desk
• furniture, carpeting
• lighting fixtures, electrical outlets
• company name and logo on friezes and information desk

The «7 Peaks» package can be improved with additional light, furniture, showcases, as well as to place your content, multimedia screens and elements for demonstration of exhibits on the stand surfaces. The cost of package improvements is calculated separately by the technical service manager.

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Пакет Ravenna
The Ravenna package is equipped with a stand consisting of premium constructor elements.
The location of the stand is in places with good visitor traffic.


Custom built stands

The exhibition organiser can prepare and build an exhibition stand according to an individual design, taking into account your needs and tasks at the exhibition. All factors affecting the attractiveness and convenience of the stand will be taken into account. Elements, materials and solutions that are not in the catalog of "7 Peaks" stands can be used in the design. For example, second floor and suspended structures.

Please, enquire to get advice from the technical service manager, who will then prepare the optimal stand solution, 3D visualisation and calculation for you. The rest of the work - preparation of documentation, accreditation of the design and construction of the stand - we undertake.


How the stand design affects visitors’ behavior?

An ideal exhibition stand guides visitors through a classic behavioral sequence and should: attract, raise interest, encourage interaction with the exhibitor. The three stages should take no more than three seconds – the time which visitor spends while moving along the aisles to see the stand, identify the brand and understand the essence of the offer.

Each part of the formula has its design solutions. For example, light, color, and action work best to attract attention. A well-lit booth with bright colors and multimedia screens showing dynamic content will attract more visitors than a pale and dimly lit booth. A poorly understood and unclear display of products on the stand can scare off even those visitors who are attracted by light, color and action.

Contact our technical service managers to get the best solution to increase the number of visitors of your stand.
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