Exhibitor reviews

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"We are very satisfied with the exhibition. We managed to get some feedback on the interest in our products and the state of the market. Very good attendance at the event: a full flow of visitors from the morning until the evening."

Ilona Volkova, Pharma2030, Project manager
"The number of working contacts we have received here is more than we get at larger specialist exhibitions - it's a success! The combination of conference and exhibition is a very good bundle, as people who are not from the industry - they are not there."

Eduard Shakhmin, Commercial Director, Robios
"The exhibition is aimed at a specific market segment and target audience. In three days, 150 hot clients. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to discuss all points with clients and partners, to understand market trends, and to work out new areas for cooperation."

Georgy Zamyatin, Marketer, Special Products.ru
"The first two days from opening to closing there was uninterrupted flow. The target audience: technologists and owners - that's what we needed. We were physically able to handle about 50 contacts a day, an extra person at the stand would not have been out of place."

Mikhail Shonin, Production director, Kompozit
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