Inline has developed an innovative Foodtech Platform M16


Information partner of the conference and exhibition "Ingredients and Additives" - the largest IT company in the field of food-retail - Inline, presents its new project Foodtech Platform M16.

Inline has developed an innovative Foodtech Platform M16
Foodtech assumes the integration of IT solutions throughout the entire food chain, from production and packaging to storage and distribution.
Since 2005, the company has been developing specialized trading platforms (,,,,,,, etc.), which help improve the agro-industrial complex of Russia, make relations transparent. suppliers and buyers. And now, after a long transformation, the company is ready to announce updated services!
Current project status:
2019 - revenue - 21.9 million rubles, 565 thousand users, 470 paying customers;
2020 - revenue - 27.1 million rubles, 657 thousand users, 551 paying customers/
On the platform
11 product categories;
More than 670 thousand users are registered;
From 25,000 to 50,000 buy / sell ads are added / updated per month.
М16 helps to increase the profitability and efficiency of small and medium agricultural producers, processors and manufacturers of finished products, exporters, distributors, dealers, wholesale and retail suppliers, companies in the HoReCa sector.
The M16's job is to:
1. Collection of behavioral information from buyers, suppliers. Search for users who are potentially interested in purchasing a specific volume and type of product.
2. Formation of targeted mailings of commercial offers, tracking their performance in readings and responses, based on the analysis of big data.
3. Determine products and intentions to buy or sell by ad text. What products are purchased or sold, in what volume.
4. Promotion of goods, brands, companies in the market.
5. Forecasting demand for various groups of goods, taking into account seasonality, region, segment.
6. Minimizing the risks of facing fraudsters using a system of reviews and ratings.
7. The chatbot communicates with users, gives recommendations on availability, price, suitable positions and delivery terms.
8. The site selects and offers products and suppliers based on the experience of similar users and focusing on increasing profitability.

Inline is one of the first in the foodtech industry to focus on Data Science and Machine Learning (ML). Machine learning is a key tool in improving many business processes, such as: supply and demand analysis, predictive analytics, which allows you to plan the economy correctly - for example, the purchase of feed, warehouse space, or, most simply, marketing campaigns.
In the fall of 2021, the next release of the system is planned:
1. Fully automate the cycle of the Machine Learning process for collecting information about the interests of users both on the site and in the mailings of commercial offers produced by the system and subsequent additional training;
2. To release the first version of the Client Cabinet, in which the sales volume will be predicted for a specific type of product;
3. Within the framework of the new personal account, provide users with detailed information about who exactly was interested in their products, called them, wrote;
4. New version of the Marketplace system, with the introduction of a recommendation system.

Machine learning is a key tool in improving many business processes, such as: supply and demand analysis, predictive analytics. Thanks to this development, the technology company Inline received a high rating in Skolkovo.
The main problem of Inline clients who use the "Internet Manager" service is the lack of sufficient stock of finished products in warehouses!
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