High-quality chemical reagents from the company CPR Chemical at the conference and exhibition «Ingre

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We present a new participant of the conference and exhibition «Ingredients and additives» company CPR Chemical.

High-quality chemical reagents from the company CPR Chemical at the conference and exhibition «Ingredients and additives»
For more than 5 years, CPR Chemical has been successfully selling chemical reagents to all regions of the Russian Federation. The team is proud of their work, and understands how important it is to do it efficiently and on time, because the purchase of high-quality chemical reagents is a basic step in any industrial or laboratory production.
The modern world is rapidly developing day by day, all spheres of human life are subject to this development trend. Chemistry, as one of the basic sciences, is undoubtedly one of those locomotives of progress that are pulling humanity forward. Each of you can easily notice what mass of new discoveries and new technologies are being introduced into our lives thanks to the chemical industry.
Whichever industry is not taken as an example everywhere for the implementation of ideas and projects, consumables are required, any, even the smallest university laboratory, needs to buy chemical reagents to get started. Therefore, the sale of chemicals is an important part of the functioning of the entire system. At the moment, the following main branches of the chemical industry can be identified:
• Organic chemistry
• Inorganic chemistry
• Petrochemicals
• Silicate production
• Agricultural chemistry
• Chemistry of polymers
• Elastomers
• Explosives
• Pharmaceuticals
• Perfumes and cosmetics
Over the years, CPR Chemical has established a large number of contacts with foreign partners, thanks to which the team offers chemical reagents at the most affordable prices. In the catalog you will find all types of products offered, the sale of chemical reagents can be carried out both wholesale and retail. CPR Chemical guarantees the quality of the assortment, since only chemical reagents that have passed registration and mandatory certification go on sale. Chemicals are sold from bases in Moscow and St. Petersburg or directly from abroad, with subsequent delivery to any region of Russia.
The company will present a wide range of chemical reagents at the conference and exhibition "Ingredients and Additives" from November 30 to December 2 at the Skolkovo Technopark.


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