The results of «Ingredients & Additives – 2022» exhibition and conference

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MVK summarised the results of «Ingredients & Additives 2022» event for manufacturers, suppliers and customers of ingredients and additives for food, dietary supplements, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumery, held for the first time at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre on 26-28 April 2022.

The results of «Ingredients & Additives – 2022» exhibition and conference
«Ingredients & Additives 2022» included an exhibition exposition and conference covering 3 thematic streams: Foods, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics & Household Chemicals.  In the exhibition area, 20+ manufacturers and suppliers presented raw materials and advanced developments to create high-quality and safe FMCG products.
The exhibitors are representatives of successful companies which have established themselves in the Russian market as producers of quality ingredients and regularly improve their reputation.
The products of the exhibitors attracted well-deserved interest of the visitors, 85 % of whom came to search for goods and services for business, as well as to get industry information. Ingredients and additives for the production of food and beverages attracted the greatest attention of the specialists - 54 % of the visitors were interested in this category of products. 49% - noted their interest in ingredients and additives for the production of cosmetics and household chemicals.
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The geographical composition of the visitors is mostly specialists from Moscow and the Moscow region - 75 %, 25 % are visitors from other regions of Russia and neighboring countries. In the distribution of visitors by functional responsibilities, the largest share is occupied by specialists responsible for formulation and technology development - 30 %, followed by general company management - 25 %, sales - 20 %, procurement - 13 %, marketing - 9 %, other - 3 %.
The focus of interest of visitors is usually not only on product innovations from leading manufacturers, but also on obtaining exclusive information about the current situation and forecasts in the ingredients market. That is why the exhibition was accompanied by an intensive conference programme, which combined professional dialogue, networking, exchange of ideas and experience.
Speakers were top-managers of ingredients and additives producers, as well as representatives of industry unions. More than 80 leading experts and technologists from the food, cosmetics and chemical industries took part in three thematic streams of the conference: Food, Nutritional Supplements and Cosmetics and Household Chemistry. 
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The sessions within each thematic stream discussed innovations and technologies that determine business development; the creation of quality and safe products, the latest research data on trends and market forecasts, and other topical issues of concern to FMCG manufacturers. As an example - report of Artur Boyarov, PhD in Economics, Deputy Head of the Centre for STI RAS Research Center for Biotechnology for strategic development. In his speech the speaker highlighted the most important aspects of the development of industrial biotechnology in Russia, which is associated with the future of both the food industry and the entire economy of the country. 

In their feedback on the Ingredients & Additives 2022 conference, participants noted a higher number of business contacts as compared to the results obtained at other exhibitions with similar themes; the high informative character of the conference and the uninterrupted flow of the exclusively targeted audience.  

«This is the first time we have taken part in an event like this. I was surprised at the quality and quantity of visitors, who were not idle curiosity, but precisely our target customers. We had around 100-150 brochures to hand out per day - this was only for interested customers. There was also an interesting business programme. We managed to attend, but not as much as we would have liked».

Denis Murashov, chief specialist of CO2EXT   
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Elena Meshcheriakova, Director of  «Ingredients & Additives – 2022» exhibition, commented on the results of the event: «Despite the fact that Ingredients & Additives is a new MVK project, I would like to point out the high efficiency of companies' participation in it. According to the results of three days the number of «hot» contacts of the exhibitors exceeded the expectations. So, the company «Composite» physically managed to process about 50 contacts per day only because it was difficult to predict such a number of leads and therefore there were not enough employees at the booth. Having been convinced of the productivity of the exhibition, almost all participants applied for the next year».
«Ingredients & Additives – 2023» exhibition and conference will take place April 4-6 in Moscow, at the Crocus Congress Hall, a modern exhibition venue that is ranked among the top five largest exhibition centres in the world.
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