Ingredients&Additives-2023 is the leading business event bringing together suppliers and customers o

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Ingredients&Additives was held at Crocus Congress Hall on 4-6 April 2023. We summarise the key business event for the ingredients market for food and drink, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, perfumery and cosmetics, and household chemicals.

Ingredients&Additives-2023 is the leading business event bringing together suppliers and customers of ingredients and additives for the food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and household chemicals industries
125 companies from Russia, China, Iran, India, Korea and the Republic of Belarus took part in the exhibition.

Over the three days of Ingredients&Additives, 2 588 professionals responsible for selecting ingredients, additives and raw materials to create safe and quality products attended, an increase of 7% over the pre-demonstration year 2019. This year, the volume of exposure increased sixfold due to the participation of ingredient and additive manufacturers and suppliers from Asia.

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Due to the acute need for ingredients and additives in the Russian food market, domestic producers and foreign companies, including Bos Natural Flavors, Eco Resources, Ekos Group, Food Formula, Gelinta, Kostroma-Region, Las Flores Group, ND-Technik, Sunteville, Sell-Service, V.T. Foods, Yarprodsnabservis, BioResource, Fooding Group Limited, Samasta Foods, Hua Bao Group, RZBC Group, Topi Life, Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical, Shanghai J. Shine and many other companies.

At the Ekos Group stand, for example, there was quite a stir. The company actively demonstrated modern technological solutions allowing to create high quality products while retaining their beneficial properties. Visitors were able to sample five new dry marinades and dairy products developed in the Ekos laboratory.

This was the first time the Ekos Group exhibited at the Ingredients&Additives trade fair, and the debut was a success as it "contributed to the company's strategic goal of expanding production and entering new markets," admits Natalya Loseeva, Ekos Group's marketing manager. "The ideal KPI for us at the exhibition is 100 applications; we received 40 in one day at the stand. This will be a good start for us for the year".

One of the leading suppliers of native and modified starches in Russia, Neos Ingredients, has decided to focus on modified starches, its flagship product, in the concept of its participation. This approach has helped the company to expand its target audience. In addition to their main customers - representatives of the baking and confectionary industries, the dairy and meat industries - they have also attracted specialists from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Neos Ingredients' partners from China - representatives of Starpro - gave non-stop advice on the ingredients on display.

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"The exhibition clearly maintains its positioning as 'ingredients and additives', the audience here is exceptionally targeted. In addition, we have found our customers here among the exhibitors as well" (Elena Kononova, Commercial Director of Ekoresurs). The Russian manufacturer and supplier presented strawberry, strawberry and cherry flavours; 29 vanilla flavours; natural colours, colouring extracts and ingredients for all sectors of the food industry.

Chembroker, a young company, is actively making a name for itself in the market, distributing chemical raw materials for various applications. At the exhibition, the company presented food ingredients, raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. These products received well-deserved attention from the visitor audience: "We had 70 application forms and they have all run out; now we are writing down contacts in a notebook. A very good flow of visitors, a lot of interested people, there are competitors - you can see that the organisers have tried," comments Julia Barulina, specialist of the marketing department, on the effectiveness of the participation.

Special Products Ru, Guangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Industry, Jiangyin Healthway International Trade Company, Jinneng Science & Technology, Anqiu Eagle Cellulose and other companies also presented a wide range of chemical raw materials for various industries.

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The company Tonic Life demonstrated cryopowders made from Anfeltia and Laminaria, algae with high biological, energetic and nutritional properties. Elena Sheina, a formulation developer at Solok Cosmetics, was a potential customer for the unique products. "I came from St. Petersburg specifically to the Ingredients&Additives exhibition to find a Russian supplier of natural raw materials for the production of cosmetics, and I found it. The topic of using marine ingredients, in particular algae, in cosmetics is now very popular, as their benefits for skin repair and protection have a proven basis. That's why I was attracted to the products at the stand "Tonic of Life", - Elena commented on her professional interest.

Jiangsu Qisong Food Technology , Bioceuticals, Lanix M, Special Products, Megapharm and other companies have also successfully covered the needs of enterprises focused on cosmetics and perfumery production. Specialists of such enterprises paid special attention to naturalness and technological simplicity of application when selecting products.

This criterion was best met by the flavour and aroma ingredients from spices and medicinal herbs on display at the Biotsevtica stand. The company's positioning is based on the production of natural extracts which fully replicate plant raw materials in terms of taste, smell and useful properties. No impurities remain in their manufacture, unlike most imported extracts which contain alcohol, benzene and other undesirable substances.

Only natural, plant-based ingredients are at the heart of the positioning of Sunteville, which presented cryogenic dried vegetable powders at the fair. The uniqueness of the finished product lies in the cryogenic crushing process, which ensures high absorption of the active elements. Small business developers and dietary supplements were interested in the HGH ingredients. "This is 100% our target audience. We received about 300 contacts in 2 days. If even a 10th of them works out, we will be at a big advantage and will be able to close our task of expanding sales channels, with which we entered the exhibition," says Evgeny Gruzdev, General Director of Sunteville.

Components required for the production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements were also demonstrated by Yantai T.Full Biotech, Polifar Group Limited, Wuxi Jinnong Biotechnology, Changchun Hemei Imp. and Exp., Megapharm, Right Products and other Russian and foreign companies.

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The industry business programme was attended by more than 85 speakers - leading experts and technologists from the food, cosmetics and chemicals sectors - with an audience of over 240 people.

The exhibition's specialised conference programme included 3 thematic tracks - Food, Nutritional Supplements, Cosmetics - as well as the VII International Conference ProStarch: Global Trends and Grain Processing Market, organised by MVK together with the SoyuzStarch association.

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Development of low-tonnage chemistry and biotechnological production in Russia, FMCG analytics and trends, dynamics of the Nutritional Supplements market, the future of the cosmetics industry in Russia, new generation food ingredients were the key topics of the corresponding thematic tracks of the business programme.

Managers and leading specialists of companies producing food and beverages, dietary supplements, household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes received exclusive first-hand industry information: analytics, forecasts, and presentations of successfully implemented technological solutions in FMCG production.
As part of the import substitution course, the strategic session "The Ingredients Industry in Russia: how to satisfy the "hunger" of food manufacturers and ensure the modern development of the industry", which took place on the first day of the programme, was of particular interest to the listeners. New procurement and logistics model, quality and safety management in production, nuances of choosing a reliable supplier, prospects of parallel import of raw materials - these and other questions of the session resonated with the audience and generated lively discussions.
The conference "ProCereal: Global Trends and Grain Processing Market" included 3 sessions which covered global trends and their impact on the grain processing market, trends and prospects for the Russian market of vegetable proteins, universal components for food production and other issues of concern to current and potential industry players: investors, heads of enterprises and departments, heads of production.
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Ingredients&Additives-2023 International Exhibition and Conference has demonstrated its significance for the development of not only the ingredients and additives market in Russia, but also cooperation between companies from different countries, such as China, India, Iran, Korea and the Republic of Belarus.
The next exhibition will be held in April 2024 at Crocus Expo under the new name – Global Ingredients Show, reflecting the expansion of geographical and thematic boundaries of the products on display, as well as confidently consolidating the position of the leading business event in the market of ingredients in Russia. Eco Resources, Chembroker, Ekos Group, V.T. Foods (India), Megapharm, Himmed, Rusextract, Robios, Neos Ingredients, Special Products Ru and many other companies. Join active players in the market by becoming a member of the Global Ingredients Show!

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